• Enjoy one of our self-serve coin bays
  • Treat yourself to a touchless wash or detailing service
  • Have fun with the high-pressure gun in our self-serve bay
  • Spoil your dog at our dog wash

Touchless Car Wash

Touchless Automatic Car Wash. NO BRUSHES - the only thing that touches your car is fresh water and soap. Enjoy the colours and fresh scent. $6.00 to 10.00.

Self-Serve Coin Bays

It’s satisfying (therapeutic too!!!) to wash your own car using our high pressure gun, triple colour foam brush, soap, wax and soft water rinse!! $2.00 to start.

Dog Wash

YES we have a DOG WASH!! Stainless steel elevated tub allows you to conveniently wash your dog. Ramp to assist large dogs. Shampoo, rinse, flea and tick treatment, and hair dryer. GREAT when your dog gets SKUNKED. No more dog hair in YOUR drains. Cats welcome!!! From $10.00.

Hand Wash - while you wait

Careful interior/exterior Hand Wash with fresh water, lamb’s wool and microfibre cloths; interior vacuumed/windows cleaned. From $15.00

Full Detailing - by appointment

Thorough interior cleaning using high powered vacuums, all crevices air purged, interior exterior cleaned and wiped by hand using fresh water, lamb’s wool and microfibre cloths; seats and carpets shampooed. Treat yourself to CLEAN today!! From $120.00!


Our super-powerful industrial strength vacuums suck away dirt. $2.00 to Start.

Kiosk and Waiting Area

We carry a full line of the most useful and common needed car wash products from cleaners, polishers, shiners, to scents. Wait in our area while your car is cleaned.

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